Meal Plan Monday – March 4th Edition

It’s that time of week again… the time when all of last week’s drooling over recipes I want to try culminates into a very practical list of not those foods to feed my family.

This one is a little up in the air because my boys are heading out of town Wednesday night for an early March break Florida adventure with their grandparents. I really want to take advantage of their absence by exploring some new eateries, but that requires clothing and I’m a fan of lounging around in my comfies after a day of work.

Here’s what we’re dishing up, in no particular order:

  • taco dip with tortilla chips and fresh veggies
  • DIY pizzas
  • burgers
  • maple glazed kielbasa with handcut, oven baked wedges and a salad
  • jerk-chicken, handcut sweet potato fries and salad
  • tomato soup and french bread

Next week could be interesting… I find cooking for two to be a challenge. .. because I’m lazy. Shoot me some ideas before I work on next week’s plan! Give a girl some pointers… please?

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