Meal Plan Monday: March 18th Edition

My meal plan last week was geeat in theory, but we didn’t follow it very closely. I definitely prepare healthier food or follow better eating habits when the kids are home. On our own, Kev and I tend to do a lot scavenging and fend for ourselves.

The boys are home tomorrow. (Oh how I’ve missed them…) Even our meal tonight didn’t go to plan. I had a healthy veggie noodle stirfry planned – topped with cashews for crunch and texture – and Kev came home with samosas from a new restaurant that opened in town. Who am I to complain?

I actually prepared a plan for two weeks this time. Next week’s plan is subject to change as I have only done groceries for this plan.

  • cashew stir fry and spring rolls
  • rice, farmers sausage, and spinach salad
  • potato soup
  • korean beef sloppy joes
  • crepes and fruit
  • burgers
  • tortellini with pesto, spinach and broccoli
  • mac & beef casserole
  • veggie loaded pasta and garlic bread
  • corned beef, potatoes, carrots corned beef on rye with tomato jalapeno soup
  • italian sausage meatloaf with buttered bowties and broccoli

Does anyone have some great budget-friendly, time-friendly school lunch ideas? I don’t know how my oldest isn’t tired of his go-to lunch box formula…

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