Meal Plan Monday (on a Sunday): January 26th Edition

It’s been a long weekend – meh (not to be confused with a long weekend – yeah!) We are looking ahead at a week that is going to require some creative juggling again. You know what those look like.

Work will include helping to facilitate a busy visitation and funeral, sitting down to discuss wedding plans with an engaged couple, and some Annual General meeting prep plus all the usual… with one less day to do it all. Parenting this week will include accomodating teacher strikes, exams, another hospital visit with the youngest, and all the usual chauffering. A book review is due Tuesday as part of a publisher’s blog tour. Come back and read it!

In an effort to stress less, I’ve put my meal plan and grocery list together tonight, and, hopefully, included easy, no-muss meals. I’ve started marinating my chicken drumsticks for tomorrow’s dinner. Let me tell you… it’s going to be delicious. Now I just have to make sure I’m home from work on time to throw them in the oven and be out the door again to get the boys back to town for 6:30. It may not have been the best pick for tomorrow, but it’s going to be worth it, taste-wise.

On this week’s menu:

  • chicken braised in coconut milk, served with carrots, potatoes, side salad
  • creamy coconut chicken and rice soup (using leftovers)
  • a dinner out or takeout depending on timing after the visit to SickKids
  • cashew ginger stirfry with sweet potato spirals
  • DIY pizzas
  • grilled cheese and fresh veg, maybe soup
  • pesto bruschetta pasta

We may be busy this week, but as long as my energy remains, we’ll be eating fairly healthy, tasty meals. Wish us luck as we juggle the rest…

Meal Plan Monday: April 29th Edition

Our meal plan and grocery shop this week will be a little interesting.  A friend sent a code for a free trial of HelloFresh which should be arriving tomorrow.  Three meals, perfectly planned and prepped for me (or whoever decides to be helpful) – all we need to do is cook.  I have no actual opinions on the service yet, except to say I find the fees crazy expensive versus shopping and prepping myself… definitely a convenience thing, but it was easy to set up an account and select our meals.

Our Hello Fresh menu will include:

  • One-Pot Mexican Pork Stew
  • Steak, Fries, and Green Beans
  • Hawaiian Veggie Rice Bowl

Our regular menu will include:

  • Mini-Pepper Poppers, Mac & Cheese (from a box – gasp!) and Carrot Chips (tonight! It smells so good in here…)
  • Italian Sausage on a Bun, Caesar Salad on the side
  • Beef Enchiladas
  • Sesame Ginger Noodles with Veggie Spring Rolls

Plus cooking for approx. 20 young teens at a local youth drop-in program:

  • Hot Dogs, Fries & Veggie Sticks

It’s a weird week. Convenience appeals to me… but the price tag of a meal service doesn’t.  Cooking for a crowd tends to stress me out (but we don’t have to provide an entirely “healthy” meal.) I don’t know when I’m actually going to be able to pick up groceries, but my cupboards are bare. The boys’ lunches were heavy on the fruit (not a bad thing) but not very well-rounded. It may just be one of those weeks… at least we can appreciate that are tummies are full!